Windermere has developed a proven process for professional development and works hand-in-hand with management and ownership to facilitate all of your education needs, no matter your experience level. If you are just starting out, our pre-license course is just the first step. Once hired you’ll be coached through a strategic and custom-tailored Track to Success from day one. If you’re an experienced agent, we have courses and personal training to help you propel your business to the next level. Relationships are at the core of our business model and value structure, and we believe this starts with our students and then carries over to our agents and, most importantly, your customers. We care about your success because it is a direct reflection of our own, and we are committed to giving you the training and education you need to be competitive in today’s fast-paced market.


Led by our Windermere Office Coordinators, this comprehensive class provides agents joining the company an overview of all the FREE resources we offer our Windermere Agents.  This includes websites, Moxi Present, MoxiWorks, Email, and more. Any agent is welcome to join this weekly class to learn for the first time or as a refresher to the bounty of resources offered.


Everyone was once a beginner, and at Windermere we believe in paying it forward.  Our top producing agents join with our exceptional team of trainers, staff and affiliates to provide a comprehensive 12 week course for new agents joining the industry.  Classes include contracts, the art of negotiation, marketing, business planning and more.  There is no better place to gain knowledge & experience with the unrivaled support from the best in the businesses.


Many agents love the Brian Buffini method and we have an exclusive 12-week training event to get agents trained in his unique systems. This transformational course is taught by a certified Buffini instructor and gives agents an opportunity to learn the system and stay on track with follow up courses. It gives agents a step-by-step plan for more leads, more money & more time – In 12 weeks, agents average $99,285 in income!


To help agents stay current, monthly courses are offered on the variety of social media platforms available to them including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more. Our trainers bring the most up to date information about utilizing these tools to their fullest potential while minimizing the time needed to manage. Classes are full of tips, tricks and tools to get more business with less time and money.


Led by Broker of Record, Jim Berns, The Broker’s Roundtable is a forum for new and experienced agents to come together and discuss everything real estate. Agents share challenges and success stories with the intent of raising our Real Estate IQ. Jim provides insight and risk management tips drawing on over a quarter century of real estate experience.


A strong listing presentation creates success in any real estate business. Devoted to helping our agents succeed, we offer training on creating stronger collateral and mastering the art of the listing presentation. Led by instructors with years of experience and success in the business, this three day training provides information and practical application of skills learned.


TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Meet with the Director of Agent Development, Tasha Manzano, to create an exciting and workable plan to take your business to the next level. We address everything from potential sources of business, planning and accountability. The success of your business is dependent upon a good plan that is executed well. Many realtors do not take the time to create a process like we will do in this business planning. College studies have shown that individuals who create a plan, write down their plan, and share their plan are much more successful in reaching their goals. Join the top 10% in productivity and take advantage of this opportunity!


Learn the top 10 must know strategies to successful geographic farming and viewed as the neighborhood expert with an emphasis on the luxury market. Uncover the secrets to build your business to new levels of success. According to our Top Agent Panel, farming was the one marketing method they could not live without.